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This game, like chess, shooting, javelin throwing, wrestling and running boys were taught in special foster homes at the court[11]. Another was more tolerant attitude towards popular people's entertainment in the regions dominated by Orthodoxy. The lessons of the uprising Yellow bandages prompted szynskie authorities in China to ban the wearing of weapons that resulted in the people of new forms of fighting without weapons, as well as the development of fencing with sticks.

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Later sports were held from time to time, only with special permission and mainly in the Eastern part of the Empire (the last time in 520). For example, from the total mass of fans of fisticuffs in England in the eighteenth century was distinguished by the best masters, put these fun on a financial basis. F. Already in the thirteenth century appear treadmills and organized production begins skates, and in the fourteenth century are found descriptions of a variety of ball games — tennis, fives, bendable, football (in England and in Italy, where the game was called "Calcio"), bowling, hurling[18]. In the VI century, there emerged the school of martial arts of Shaolin, then similar schools occur in other places in China with the support of Buddhist monks, and later, in the middle of the second Millennium of the new era, like a ban on the carrying of weapons, or on behalf has led to the emergence of the martial arts of Japan, different from those that developed on the continent. Elite sport is the only model activities that have outstanding Champions the functioning of almost all body systems can occur in the zone of absolute physical and practical limits of a healthy person[citation 1990].